WaterWalk Announces Design Affiliation

Thursday, December 10 2009 12:59 AM

For Immediate Release

(Wichita, KS) WaterWalk today announced it has entered into an agreement with LawKingdon Architecture of Wichita to provide design services and to serve in an advisory role for the emerging development.

In this capacity, LawKingdon will review prospective plans, ensuring a consistent design across future buildings within the development. On WaterWalk’s behalf, the firm will be accountable for working with other developers, architects, contractors and their clients to provide project oversight and conformance with master design guidelines.

Founded in 1967, Law/Kingdon is an employee-owned and managed multi-discipline design firm headquartered in Wichita, with offices also in Dallas. The firm has completed architectural projects in 43 states that include a diverse portfolio of work ranging from regional, neighborhood and life style retail centers and stores, to office buildings and hotels. They have extensive experience with mixed-use projects (theaters, apartments, retail), community design and neighborhood planning, urban design, waterfront development, and public open space projects.

“As we proceed with development plans for WaterWalk, we are welcoming the participation of many design firms and their clients,” said Doug Rupe of WaterWalk. “As those plans are submitted, we will need assistance to make sure that we are consistent with the master plan. LawKingdon is respected throughout the country as a creative commercial and retail design firm, and will provide strong advisory services for us,” he said.

LawKingdon will assist WaterWalk with future planning, and interact with city and local officials currently engaged with downtown development planning. The firm understands that consideration of economic opportunities and challenges, site strengths and weaknesses, and social context all play a significant role in the project. The involvement of stakeholders, governmental and political bodies and the formation of partnerships are an integral part of the process for any successful planning endeavor.

"We welcome the opportunity to work with Jack DeBoer and assist his team as they move WaterWalk forward,” said Dennis Smith, President of LawKingdon.   "We have a great deal of interest in WaterWalk.  As an integral partner on the project we are pleased to be able to contribute to the success of the development,” he said.

CONTACT:     Doug Rupe     (316/219-6060) or;
                   Roger Brown    (316/268-0230) or Crystal Carroll (316/268-0230)


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