WaterWalk Announces New Residential Features

Wednesday, March 10 2010 1:01 AM

For Immediate Release

(Wichita, KS) WaterWalk today announced it has engaged two well-known and respected residential designers and contractors to prepare models for entry in the spring Parade of Homes that begins April 10, 2010.

Interior Trends and Nies Homes are completing features that will be showcased at WaterWalk Place, a mixed use development in downtown Wichita, comprised of 46 condominiums and commercial/retail space.

"Both firms have exhibited focus on quality, and that is why we selected them to work with us as we prepare for Parade of Homes", said Doug Rupe, Executive Vice President of WaterWalk. "These firms bring knowledge and experience in residential design. They are known for innovative ideas, they understand trends that are important to homebuyers, and we are happy to have their involvement", he said.

Upgrades to the condos will showcase features including new lighting and plumbing ideas, built-in bookcases, creative tile backsplashes and granite countertops, a butler's pantry and wine bar, morning bar in the master bedroom, and new floor, wall, and ceiling finishes.

"We were inspired by the open floor plan of this home, with the impressive view", said Shelly Rogers, interior designer and partner of Interior Trends.  "Our concept was organic in nature, and maximized the natural flow of the home placing strategic focal points throughout.  We were able to accomplish an aura of sophistication and cosmopolitan city life, without compromising on comfort and functionality.  We’re so pleased to be working with WaterWalk and look forward to unlocking the potential of these unique homes as we move forward.”

Upon completion of construction, the firms will continue to work with WaterWalk and will consult with prospective buyers on further upgrades and interior design features.

"There are many fresh new ideas we have incorporated into the finishes of the home that will create an upscale feel when you walk in the door," said Cherie Cowgill, Vice-President of Nies Homes. "We are excited to be part of custom designing and finishing one of the WaterWalk condos."  

At one of the WaterWalk Place models, the entry from the parking garage will feature materials such as tile, brick, and stucco that will provide a grander sense of entry and personality.

Represented by Weigand New Homes, the fully finished and furnished models are available for purchase, and are representative of the varied floor plans that exist at WaterWalk. Each home has its own private, enclosed garage within the parking garage, a unique feature uncommon to condominiums or loft apartments. Balconies overlook the entire development to the west, including views of the water features and gardens which are nearing completion. Condominium prices begin at $199,000, and models are open for tour seven days a week.

CONTACT:     Doug Rupe, WaterWalk     (316/219-6060)

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