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The Fountains at WaterWalk

Lights. Liquid. Music. Magic. 

The Fountains at WaterWalk, created by Waltzing Waters® is the most elaborate water, light and music production in the world. Also known as Liquid Fireworks® the Fountains at WaterWalk are 110 feet long, has over 1,200 custom designed and patented nozzles and is skillfully choreographed by hand and stored for digital playback. The fountains operate on 27,000 horsepower in pumps capable of pumping over 22,000 gallons of water per minute (enough to empty an average sized swimming pool in less than 45 seconds). The spectacular water, light and music shows will vary throughout the work week and weekend. 

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Current show times: (weather permitting) 

Closed for the season

Will reopen Mother's Day weekend 2018

from Tim Brown Productions on YouTube.com

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